This pic was taken in my darkened bedroom

CLEVELAND, OH JULY 18: Diana Shores from Farmville, VA (C) protests a roll call vote on the floor on the first day of the Republican National Convention on July 18, 2016 at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. An estimated 50,000 people are expected in Cleveland, including hundreds of protesters and members of the media. The four day Republican National Convention kicks off on July 18.

Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic neurological disorder affecting more than 350,000 people in the United States and 2.5 million worldwide, according to Janssen.Dr. Michael Caccavale, an interventional radiologist, has joined Redwood Regional Medical Group in Santa Rosa. He graduated from the University of Arizona with a BS in physiology and public health.

Berthed at Pier 7 in Brooklyn after the parade, the «Slavutych» hosted many area visitors during the week. At an evening reception organized by the Permanent Mission of Ukraine to the United Nations last week, Captain Ihor Teniuch welcomed members of the New York/New Jersey Ukrainian community on board ship (photos right). In addition to Diasporan community guests, attending the informal gathering were representatives from the Permanent Mission of Ukraine including Second Secretary Dina Neskorozhanna, and Mr.

Browse through the photos above for a look at the Aggies’ jersey as well as other alternative jerseys from adidas that will be worn this season. MoreThe University of Miami and adidas unveiled the Hurricanes’ 2017 alternate football uniforms, collaborative designs that add an all green theme making its on field debut at Hard Rock Stadium on Sept. 23 vs.

You could just point the camera at him and it would automatically result in a great picture. This pic was taken in my darkened bedroom, with a bathroom door open to the right which is where the light is coming from. All I had to do was crop it and shazam! great pic..

The 19 year old from Lebanon, New Jersey, drank a toxic amount of alcohol during a hazing ritual and then fell numerous times hoodies-sweatshirts, the grand jury found. Fraternity members called 911 nearly 12 hours after his first fall, when Piazza was unconscious. He had severe head trauma and a shattered spleen and later died of traumatic brain injury..

Duncan Lock via Wikimedia Commons 1956: The United States Supreme Court upholds a federal district court decision finding Alabama laws requiring segregated buses unconstitutional. A resulting Montgomery, Alabama, ordinance allowing black bus passengers to sit virtually anywhere they wanted would go into effect on Dec. 20, 1956, ending the Montgomery Bus Boycott that began a year earlier when Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to surrender her bus seat to a white person.

Also if anyone is in this situation many semi cheap grocery stores (Walmart, Save on Foods, Superstore, Metro) will let you place an order online and pick up in store pre bagged. So you can tack this on to your bus home and save money. Downside is you have trouble finding the best discount..

Cal had been saying all year that this was his youngest team ever. Okay fine, whatever. We found our duck stride in early March. Luke was being instructed by Kenobi at the time and that was vs a machine, a lot less complex to anticipate than a living force using human being. He was brain washed from a very young age. One memory of a family does change this.

He’s also a big part of the teams chemistry. If you ever see Didi, Chapman, or Sanchez instagram, Torreyes is always right in the middle of everything. He brings a good morale to the team I feel and that’s something overlooked.. So someone who got All Pro in his second year (50% of his nfl career, if you will) and thus outperformed all other safeties in the league is by definition not mediocre. Yea, the first two years may be a fluke and he’ll never perform at this level again, but at this moment, he is in no way, mediocre.fidelityflip 7 points submitted 1 month agoMaybe cuz there was nowhere to go. Robiskie may have seen holes, but I didn see many.

«THE VELVETY ONES» is how the name of Los Aterciopelados, the renowned Spanish language rock band from Colombia, loosely translates into English. As captivating live as they are on record, the group has defined a sound with a stylish fusion of hippie conscious lyrics and Latino folk and rock. At the heart of this band is the relationship between Echeverri and Buitrago.

Burning question: Duh, will Rose last the year and will he be close to his old self? He started slowly, but seems to be rounding into form. The one time NBA MVP might not get back to that level, but as long as he stays on the court, the Bulls will be better. Hopefully he is past his injury troubles.

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